Ways To Wear Your Scarf - Fall Edition

If there's one thing that we love about fall, it's the infinite ways to wear scarves! Here are some fun twists on a few of the classic ways to to wear your scarves this Autumn. 


Keep your head and ears warm with this simple and stylish autumn look. Begin by folding your scarf to a width of your liking. Wrap the folded scarf from the top of your forehead and tie a knot at the back of your head, making sure to cover the ears. Move the knot slightly to the side and drape the ends over your shoulders for added style. 


An elegant twist on the handkerchief cowboy knot, this style works best with a square scarf. Begin by folding your scarf in half diagonally so that two opposing corners meet. Then, leaving the triangle in the front, wrap the scarf ends around your neck front to back to front. Tie a knot low on your neck, leaving the ends out.


We loved this look in the summer and we love wearing it into the fall! This time we drape the shawl down over the shoulders for added warmth. Make sure to use a thin belt around your natural waist to create a polished and slimming look.

Our shawls are now available in organic fine weave wool gauze twill. It's the perfect fabric for the cool, crisp season. 



And HOORAY! We are now offering our Kimonos in our Louis Jane Treescape print! This print is inspired by the reflection of trees in a window, perfectly capturing the beauty of the fall season. These shawls are printed on organic fine weave wool gauze twill, and made to order in the length of your choosing.

Please email us here with any interest in purchasing our kimonos. 



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Louise Wannier