Louise Wannier


Artist and designer, Louise Wannier, born and raised in England until she was 8 years old, when the family moved their family to Southern California. The tradition of working with textiles goes back to her grandfather (and namesake), Louis Arion, who was a textile wholesaler in England. Through her many entrepreneurial endeavors, Louise has maintained the goal of innovating solutions that make our day to day lives less complicated and more enjoyable, so that we may feel more alive. 

Inspired by her daily immersion into nature, Louise photographs the dynamic energy of the natural world around her. From these photographs she discovers the patterns within them and transforms them into unique fine art surface design prints. For Louise, her designs are a spiritual practice reflecting the energy she experiences in our world.


April Jackson


April is our Graphic Designer and Website Beautifier. She focuses on creating thoughtful and cohesive content for the Louis Jane brand through illustrations, graphics and various print and online visual communications. She loves being able to flex her creative muscle and design images that convey the spirit of Louis Jane.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she currently resides in the City of Angels with her husband. She received her degree in Communications from the beautiful University of California, Santa Barbara, but is grateful to be back in her hometown close to family. Along with being a graphic designer, April is certified as a holistic culinary nutritionist. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and helping others thrive in health.


Elizabeth Windom


Elizabeth keeps the Louis Jane Team organized. Elizabeth has held executive assisting and operational roles in helping early-stage organizations operate. Elizabeth’s leadership and creative solutions have allowed her to take on the roles of communications director, accounting manager, graphic designer, customer service, and implementation director.

Originally from Ohio, she grew up on a small fruit orchard and Christmas tree farm, which the family affectionately calls Windhaven Orchards. She comes from a long line of women who create tactile homemade things-- currently she makes clay tapestries.